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The Best Design Schools in the World

To get the best possible education in creative design, you need to attend a school with high standards that delivers an experience that prepares you for work in the industry. The 2015 CG Student Awards declared these ten institutes of higher learning to the best in the world.

What is “managed Web hosting” exactly?

Managed Web hosting has become an attractive way for small business owners, bloggers and new webmasters to handle the tricky details of managing their websites and servers. Managing servers takes time and skills that could prove difficult to master.

Use a Plugin to Add a Contact Form to Your WordPress Website

Automated spam is an inconvenience that many website owners deal with daily. Depending on your industry or niche, you might receive messages from SEO agencies, overseas equipment manufacturers or hackers looking for a security hole to exploit.

5 Great WordPress Themes for Photographers

A wealth of WordPress templates exist to help photographers show off their skills, but after scouring the Internet, here are our Top 5 theme picks:

How To Add A Newsletter Signup Box To A WordPress Site

There are several different options for creating an email signup form to add to a WordPress site or blog. Newsletter signup forms make it easy for site visitors to keep up to date with news or new blog posts without having to check the site often. Email alerts are sent directly to the addresses visitors…

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Simple WordPress Themes Suitable For Businesses

WordPress has completely changed the way that businesses interact with the online world. This blogging platform has simplified and streamlined online communications while allowing for individuality.