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5 Great WordPress Themes for Photographers

A wealth of WordPress templates exist to help photographers show off their skills, but after scouring the Internet, here are our Top 5 theme picks:

1. Pictorico by WordPress, Free

This recently launched theme is quickly capturing the attention of photographers who want a streamlined layout that boldly showcases their images. A free theme released directly by WordPress, Pictorico offers a dynamic design that solely features a four-column grid across the front page.

Although Pictorico offers a beautiful framework for pro photographers, the theme is best suited for those who prefer to blog about their shoots. Each picture on the home page serves as a link to a post when it is set as a featured image, and custom settings allow you to create blog post sliders. Elegant and uncluttered, users can add dramatic panoramic headers and arrange their favorite photos in a tiled mosaic-style layout.

2. Stock Photography by Graph Paper Press, $79

Photographers who are ready to monetize their images need to take a serious look at the Stock Photography WordPress theme. Equipped with e-commerce and commission extensions, photographers are able to easily set up a website that allows them to license stock photography and sell prints while keeping all the profits.

You can attach rich metadata to each image, allowing visitors to quickly filter by keyword, price, topic, licensing terms and even image orientation. The fully integrated theme also includes a customer dashboard, lightboxes and social sharing capabilities.

3. Hydra by Pixelentity, $48

Presented in a full-screen, mixed-sized portfolio grid, Hydra makes a striking first impression. The unique theme employs an algorithm that optimizes the layout of your images and videos based on their size, resolution and orientation. Fully responsive to any screen size, Hydra scores 97/100 on the Google Page Speed Test, which is exceptional for a media-rich website. Designer Pixelentity notes this is possible due to “lazy-loading images” that pop up as visitors scroll down, much like Pinterest.

The spectacular design aesthetic is carried through to the embedded pages, where users can add a panoramic image slider to the header. The stunning blog posts accommodate single images as well as slideshows, thumbnail grids and stacked images. Special features include a filterable gallery in full-screen mode and touch-enabled image sliders.

4. Harmonic by WordPress, Free

Dubbed “a theme to make your content sing,” the Harmonic template presents a flexible layout on an elegantly scrolling front page. Visitors are greeted with a powerful full-screen image that showcases your best work. While the Portfolio section is laid out in a straightforward thumbnail grid, clicking on each photo opens a single view window that showcases a larger-than-normal image. Loaded with custom menus and widgets, each section is fully customizable.

5. Gleam by Elegant Themes, $69

Offering flashy effects and smooth transitions, the Gleam template was “built to dazzle,” notes designer Elegant Themes. The home page and Portfolio layouts highlight full-screen images that are designed to draw your visitors in, encouraging them to browse photo after stunning photo. The Gallery section offers a thumbnail popup with nine featured images per page. Gleam is best for creating websites meant to showcase photography collections that contain limited text.

Melissa Wilson • January 13, 2016

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