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How To Add A Newsletter Signup Box To A WordPress Site

There are several different options for creating an email signup form to add to a WordPress site or blog. Newsletter signup forms make it easy for site visitors to keep up to date with news or new blog posts without having to check the site often. Email alerts are sent directly to the addresses visitors provide. Adding an email newsletter signup form is simple enough even beginners can do it.

1. Choose A Plugin

Newsletter signup forms are used in the form of widgets on WordPress sites and blogs. Since there are several different options, the first step is to spend some time independently researching different plugins. Most people choose MailUp, Mail Chimp, Mail Blaster or similar programs. Read the descriptions of the programs carefully, and pay attention to the ratings as well. One person may recommend a specific one, but you may not find it as useful for your own individual needs. Since some widgets come with more options, pay attention to customization tools.

2. Add The Plugin

After choosing the plugin that best fits your needs, it is time to install it. To do this, open the admin panel on your WordPress site. From there, you must select the Plugins menu. Search for and add the plugin you wish to use. There should be an option below it when the plugin appears in the Plugins list, which will allow you to activate it.

3. Check The Widget

Once the widget has been activated, click on the Appearance menu above the Plugins menu. Select the Widgets option, and look for the chosen program in the list on the following page. To make the email newsletter signup widget appear on the main sidebar of the site, click and drag it over to the right side where the main sidebar menu is. If the widget is for a blog, drag it up or down to position it in the desired area of the sidebar. Some people prefer to keep their email newsletter signup forms on the top of the column.

4. Build A Form

After the widget has been installed and added to the sidebar, there should be an option to create a form or customize one. If you have not yet created an account with the chosen service, follow the prompts to set up an account. Be sure to read every step carefully, and pay attention to any settings to ensure they meet individual needs.

5. Create Mailing Lists And Customize Settings

Use the account for the email newsletter signup widget to customize settings for newsletters and create mailing lists. When manually entering email addresses, be sure to enter them carefully. Settings can be changed as needed for newsletter appearance.

Once the widget has been added to the site and the settings are in place, it is time to start sending out the newsletters. Be sure to send enough to keep site visitors interested but not so many they unsubscribe.

Melissa Wilson • January 13, 2016

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