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Simple WordPress Themes Suitable For Businesses

WordPress has completely changed the way that businesses interact with the online world. This blogging platform has simplified and streamlined online communications while allowing for individuality. The multiplicity of available WordPress themes largely accounts for the success of the platform. Here are a few of the simplest, most appealing WordPress themes for businesses of all types and sizes:

Lavish Business Theme

From the WordPress wizards at WittyThemes, this is one theme that perfectly combines aesthetic qualities with supreme practicality. Designed with a minimalist feel, this theme features innovative typography. Though simple, this theme is deeply versatile as well and includes plenty of layouts and short codes. Completing the package, this theme includes a pair of sliders and a powerful contacts page.


Billed as a responsive, multipurpose theme, Maximus is an outstanding choice for businesses that expect to evolve and grow over time. Though usable for personal sites, this theme truly shines as a business theme. Optimized for all major tablets and networking devices, Maximus also features a design that is incredibly responsive to the needs of the user. Furthermore, this theme’s grid-based design includes an administration panel that is fully brandable for a customized feel.


Pheno is an up-and-coming WordPress theme that has gained quite a few adherents in the business community. A parallax theme, Pheno includes a variety of extremely eye-catching features that are virtually guaranteed to impress the public. These features include professional-looking animations, colorful infographics and an overall look that is essentially unforgettable. Pheno was designed as a simple, one-stop solution for people with limited experience creating WordPress sites. With Pheno’s built-in Content Designer, it is easy to create a site through a transparent, drag-and-drop work flow.


Kaiser is another WordPress theme with remarkably diverse functionality. Though certainly full-fledged, Kaiser is simple enough for people creating their very first WordPress sites. Equipped with a powerful parallax portfolio, the theme allows for smooth transitions and easily customizable price tables. Though this theme isn’t particularly blog-focused, its blog includes plenty of functionality for communicating and connecting with the masses. Named after the last emperor of Imperial Germany, Kaiser boasts a suitably regal and wide-ranging selection of tools and features.


Though loaded with useful features, Bretheon is remarkably affordable, making it a fine choice for business large and small. Like all of the themes on this list, Bretheon is more than adequate for a wide variety of corporate uses. With Bretheon, users have plenty of control over page width, footer attributes and separation settings. Boasting a clean, transparent interface, Bretheon is always easy to use, whatever one’s level of expertise. Critically, this theme includes a powerful theme options panel; a centralized control panel that allows for extremely quick manipulation of important variables.

Melissa Wilson • January 13, 2016

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