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What is “managed Web hosting” exactly?

Managed Web hosting has become an attractive way for small business owners, bloggers and new webmasters to handle the tricky details of managing their websites and servers. Managing servers takes time and skills that could prove difficult to master. Smart entrepreneurs pursue their core business objectives and let experts manage their websites. You can choose from fully managed or partially managed plans.

Types of managed Web hosting for your website

You can choose from various hosting plans based on your service needs and budget. Types of Web hosting services include:

Free service

Free service is perfect when you want to build a blog, test an idea or learn about online marketing, but they are less effective for businesses. Free hosting services go down frequently, offer limited connection speeds and allow the host to post banners and ads on your website. If you get a subdomain name, it will be very long, appear unprofessional and inform people that you’re using a free service, so choosing this option for a business is risky. If you later move to another host, you won’t be able to transfer your subdomain name.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is when you agree to share a single server with other business owners and split the costs of managing it. Although useful for beginners, shared hosting plans generate competition for the server’s resources. You might not be able to add the functions and widgets that you’d like to your site. However, you don’t need to know anything about server maintenance, software and technical issues to get started, and these plans are the least expensive.

Dedicated hosting

If you have lots of security issues or need unlimited bandwidth, dedicated hosting might be right for your business. This option is more expensive, and you’ll need to learn about IP routing, MX records, networking and other administrative skills or hire someone to administer your system.

Collocated hosting

This method of hosting is most like having your own server because you do. You buy a server but house it at the host’s facility. You have complete control of applications and maintenance.

Cloud hosting

This new method of hosting is very reliable and scalable because computers in the cloud can take over when a server goes down due to hardware issues or natural disasters.
There are lots of subcategories for WordPress hosting services including clustered servers, grid hosting and specialty hosting for videos, blogs, images, email and files.

Business benefits of managed hosting

Hosting is the equivalent of renting space and opening the door, but you need to make sure that the host handles the level of service that you need. Running a business successfully requires making sure your site stays up, content can be changed easily and that you have the tools to monitor customer behavior. Other business benefits of managed hosting include:

  • Better security including spam filtering, virus scanning, OS updates and server monitoring
  • Automatic backups of data
  • Reduced operational expenses
  • Technical expertise available 24/7 for handling server issues

Businesses face increasingly competitive SEO strategies, security risks and investments in time, money and staff hours to manage online marketing effectively. Managed Web hosting services help your business no matter whether you market unique products, blog on topics that interest you or market affiliate products. You can choose the level of service that you can afford and upgrade after your business grows.

Melissa Wilson • January 13, 2016

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